Blamhaus B-Haus009


Artist: Blamhaus 

Title: B-Haus009 EP

Label: B-Haus 

Release: 19th November 2020 

Cat. No. B-Haus009

Blamhaus returns with a 3 track ep to round out 2020.
"Ground game" beatless intro slowly evolves building layers of glitched percussion with dense chord stabs that float and rise up before the bass drum kick’s into action to shows this track's true intent. "Acid crab" harks back to the old school when house and techno were more closely related. An acid bassline is the linchpin of this track as funky percussion and jazzy chords intertwine throughout to create a dancefloor oriented groove. "Grump" is deep melodic techno, shiny pads float above a catchy marimba melody whilst a hefty bass line props up this solid track. It's one of those ‘head down and focus on the shuffle’ tunes.
The dance floor may be a distance memory to some by this stage but B-Haus009 is hopeful that we can all get back on it ASAP (SAFELY!)

Previous B-haus releases have received support from:
Alexi Delano, Paul Ritch, Laurent Garnier, DJ Bone, B.Traits, Paco Osuna, Young Male, Luigi Madonna, Kontal, Frank Maruel, Boxia, Sintek, Chris Fortier, Colin Dale, Dj Steven, Beroshima, Steve Swift, Moskalus, Don Rimini, Jhonsson, Adam Acid, Haurelio, Sossa, Jim Star, Jean Jerome, Anderson Noise, Cian O Ciobhain, Andi Durrant, Roberts Owens, Tyler stadius, Danny Slade, Comunica, Giuseppe Scarano,Young Male, Greg Chin, Raphael Dincsoy, Siavash, Ramiro Lopez, Kontal, Colin Dale, Mat.Joe, Decoq, Shmitty, Cristian Varela, The Dolphins, Dj Blackprint, Alex Berlin, Gabriel D'or & Bordoy, Phaedon, Nicky CoCreator, David Leese to name a few.


Josh Wink ✰✰✰ “liking acid and grump... nice”

Joris Voorn ✰✰✰✰

This Is Why We Dance ✰✰✰ “Acid Crab for me”

Frederic Stunkel ✰✰✰✰✰ “VERY GOOD”

Modernphase ✰✰✰ "Acid Grab is top"

Pablo Prado ✰✰✰

Aleksander Great ✰✰✰ “cool release”

Decoq ✰✰✰✰✰ “Lovely Ep!”

Salah Sadeq ✰✰✰✰ “love it.”

Anderson Noise ✰✰✰✰✰

Gigi de Martino ✰✰✰✰ "cool"

Radio Party Groove ✰✰✰✰✰ “great ep”

Gene Farris ✰✰✰✰✰

Rwbel ✰✰✰ “Good tracks”

Andres Gil ✰✰✰✰✰ “good stuff here, nice groove”

Christian Zingales ✰✰✰✰ “like it”

Chris Fortier ✰✰✰

Tony Vegazz ✰✰✰ “deep & vibey release…”

Takaaki Itoh ✰✰✰✰

Andrew Wowk ✰✰✰✰ “Nice stuff here - cool collection of influences put into a melting pot”

Faraj (Superstitious) ✰✰✰✰ “Dope Ep”

Ryon Tavel ✰✰✰ “Acid Crab is no crap!”

Chris - ✰✰✰ “Very interesting!”

Patrick (Air Gay Radio) ✰✰✰✰ “good techno”

ABarth (PhonanzaFM) ✰✰✰✰✰ “Awesome release! Fantastic vibe and groove and very good productions”

Francesco Farfa ✰✰✰ “nice one”

Raymundo Rodriguez ✰✰✰✰ “nice release”

Shmitty (Minimal Sessions) ✰✰✰✰ “love it”

Michael Elves ✰✰✰ “Solid”

Phaedon ✰✰✰ “dOPE”

Noah Levine ✰✰✰✰ “Nice”

Dan Marciano ✰✰✰✰ 

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Buuk vs RRKS B-Haus008


Artist: Buuk v RRKS

Title: B-Haus008 EP

Label: B-Haus 

Release: 26th May 2020 

Cat. No. B-Haus008


B-haus008 set’s up two techno artists to challenge each other's work. Irish artist Buuk “Invasive Stare” an incessant percussive driven techno stomper that builds up and up until it unleashes it banshee like scream. RRKS’s rework remains faithful to the original whilst mixing up the arrangement, it provides a frenetic and equally dancefloor friendly offering. Chicago born, Atlanta based RRKS’s “Belmont Pharaoh” is techno to it core, slamming drums underpin a synth groove that weaves in and out, allowing this hypnotic track to pull you in. Buuks remix is a departure from the original, taking a more detroit-esque direction but make no mistake it’s emphasis is on the dance.

Previous Buuk releases have received support from: Lucas Freire, Hiroaki Iizuka, Abayomi, Kontal, Gabriella Vergilov, DJ Steven, Alfredo Mazzilli, Go!Diva, Andres Gil, Andres Gil, AVION, Steve Rachmad, Ben Sims, DJ Bone, Slam, Young Male, Luigi Madonna, JC Laurent, Sintek amongst othersRRKS has released/ remixed for labels such as British Electronic Institution, FORCE INC., Faarikaal Records, Bubblejam, Urban Kickz Recordings, Slap Jaxx, Viral Outbreak Digital, Psychedelic Dance Music whilst his tracks have being a mainstaple for superstar DJs such as Dave Clarke (Best of 2019 selection) and Richie Hawtin.


Young Male (Work Them, White Material) "Great low end production"

Greg Chin (Stryke (Plastic City / Ovum)) "really nicely done EP here, including the reworks!"

Frank Maurel (Ovum / BPM Portugal / Neopop Festival) "Massive, support."

DJ Steven (Metropolis) "strong stuff"

Raphael Dincsoy (Lehmann Club) "dope stuff."

Laurent Garnier (F Communications) "very cool Techno EP"

Siavash (You Plus One) "That's some serious techno right there"

Ramiro Lopez (Odd, Drumcode) "Solid EP!"

Chris Fortier (Thoughtless / Sullivan Room /Balance) "sounds good"

Boxia (Drumcode, Food Music, No Idea's Original) "These are very much up my street, will use for sure"

Kontal (Revolt Recording) "all mixes are cool here"

B.Traits (In Toto) "Cracking EP!"

Colin Dale "Great sound and a solid EP"

Mat.Joe (OFF Recordings) "DOPE!!!"

Decoq "Nice ep!"

Shmitty (Minimal Sessions) "love it!"

Cristian Varela "Good music!"

The Dolphins (Sci+Tec / Tulipa Rec / Frequenza) "Nice"

Dj Blackprint "Amazing tracks"

Alex Berlin "very good stuff!!"

Haurelio (Wicked Style) "full support..."

Gabriel D'or & Bordoy "great work!"

Phaedon "dOPE"

Nicky CoCreator "Dope Techno"

David Leese "Cool techno" 

Review -

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Blamhaus B-Haus007


Artist: Blamhaus 

Title: B-Haus007 EP

Label: B-Haus 

Release: 13th December 2019 

Cat. No. B-Haus007


Blamhaus returns with B-haus007 a two track EP that is firmly targeted at the dancefloor. From the jump “Caustic” is looking to bring fire to the dance. Blending a big funky bassline and crisp synths, this incessant tune is looking to make you feel its weight. This is one track that is gonna burn through the dancefloor. The jerky melodic polyrhythms of “Broken” may bring an off kilter vibe but it is focused on making people move. Bouncey drums underpin a hefty bassline while syncopated snyths weave and glide. A glistening arpeggiator floats on top adding another dimension to this layered track. This is club music which is immediate but has more to it than meets the eye.

With B-haus007 Blamhaus continues to progress and evolution his sound whilst firmly keeping eyes focused on the dancefloor.


New Release! B-Haus006

Release date: 23/05/2019

Artist: Buuk

Title: B-Haus006 EP

Label: B-Haus

Release: 23rd May 2019

Cat. No. B-Haus006

The sixth offering from B-Haus serves up two dancefloor fixated stompers that both use distortion as their muse. “Blink” combines relentless drums with a distorted synth line that pulsates and morphs, airy percussion and mechanical rhythms that add depth to the a track that is building all the time as it evolve into a distorted techno banger. “Give me some gravy” has a more old school feel. Heavy bass sit on top of  classic 909 drums with their frantic hit hats, spaced out rims and soaring percussion that help underpin a grungy synth groove that growls at the dancefloor. This is primetime techno.Buuk has been consistent and delivered on his promise to created dancefloor decimating techno with B-haus006, it continues the progress and evolution of the label whilst firmly keeping our focus on the club friendly music.

Currently getting support from Ben Simms,  Fontal, Steve Rachmad ,Gabreill Avergilov, Godiva, Andres Gil, Bryan Chapman, Alfredo Mazzilli, Avion , Sinter JC Laurent, Hiroaki Iizuka, Rapheal Dincsoy, Abayomi, SpecX  to name a few.

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  1. Blink

  2. Give me some gravy

Ben Sims “intense stuff”

Steve Rachmad “Give me some gravy for me. Nice one”

Lucas Freire ”Blink has a nice drive”

Deepak Sharma “Blink is a tool!”

Hiroaki Iizuka “Great techno ep !!”

Raphael Dincsoy “blink for me!”

Abayomi “Liking 'Give me some gravy”

Kontal “cool stuff”

Gabriella Vergilov “Blink, blink, blink,”

DJ Steven “strong release”

Alfredo Mazzilli “Blink for me!”

Go!Diva “Blink is the one”

Andres Gil “nice stuff”

Bryan Chapman “Blink for me”

AVION “Crazy distorting stuff. Really like Give me some gravy.”

JC Laurent “Blink for me.”

Sintek “Give me some gravy is amazing!!” 


Blamhaus B-Haus005

Release date: 12/10/2018

The fifth EP  from B-Haus starts with “Carne de burro”, a vigorous techno track that intertwines a base heavy acid groove with a thumping kick drum that keeps on building it reaches its squelching crescendo.

“Swing Ting” takes distorted drums, insistent chords and drops a huge slab of sub bass to smash the dance floor. This is the sort of club music you feel!

Buuk steps up to remix “Swing Ting”, keeping the original’s bass heavy ethos Buuk ups the ante (and BPM) whilst adding acidic washes and a morphing bassline to take this track to a distorted and frantic conclusion.

B-haus005 continues the progress and evolution of the label whilst firmly keeping our focus on the dance floor.

Swing Ting(Buuk remix) has premiered on Dubiks

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Currently getting support from:

Alexi Delano, Paul Ritch, Laurent Garnier, Paco Osuna, Young Male, Luigi Madonna, Kontal, Frank Maruel, Sintek, Chris Fortier, Colin Dale, Dj Steven, Beroshima, Steve Swift, Moskalus, Jon Connor, Neil Moore, TKNO, Don Rimini, Jhonsson, Adam Acid, Haurelio, Sossa, Jim Star, Jean Jerome, Anderson Noise, Andi Durrant, Roberts Owens, Tyler stadius, Danny Slade, Comunica, Giuseppe Scarano, Priya Sen



  1. Carne de burro

  2. Swing Ting

  3. Swing Ting(Buuk remix)

Laurent Garnier “Swing Ting for me”

Cristian Varela “Good music”

Robert Owens “Cool track”

Greg Chin “Swing Ting is dope!!!”

Paul Ritch “super cool release”

Young Male “Excellent funky techno!”

Kontal “buuk remix is cool”

Sintek “Buuk remix is amazing!!”

Chris Fortier “sounds good”

Colin Dale “Solid EP.”

DJ Steven “strong traxx”

Beroshima “cool. nice ep”

Giuseppe Scarano “Nice tracks”

Comunica Rated: “Dancefloor material. Excellent”

Danny Slade “Swing Ting (Buuk remix) is my favourite!”

Tyler Stadius “Love Swing Ting!”

Robert Owens “Cool track”

Warm FM “Nice”

Seb FM4 “great dj tools!!!”

Jean Jerome ”Twisted!”

Jim Star “ Excellent ep! Full support!”

Sossa “nice release”

Haurelio “full support”

Adam Acid “Nice release, Swing Ting and the Buuk Remix are pure vibes.”

Jhonsson “Nice work”

Don Rimini “yes”

TKNO “good tracks! big support”

NXT Gravity Blog “just loving the acid grooves in Carne de Burro!” 


Release date: 12/10/218

Building on the momentum of the previous releases, B-Haus is back with a banging new EP. Irish artist Buuk debut release combines slamming beats, flying synths and deep textures to create two well rounded techno stompers.

The opening track on the EP is a prime slab of techno, “The Bull” slams stampeding drums together with dense atmospherics to create a quality peak time techno smasher. The dancefloor will know when the Bull roars!

“Tombola” is a more stripped down affair but no less aimed at the dancefloor. Driving beats underpin the swirling arpeggiated synth and hefty bass as they lock in on the dancefloor.

B-haus004 has two quality techno tracks that are crafted for the dancefloor which  has been getting support from DJ’s such as Carlo Lio(Rawthentic music), Laurent Garnier, Julia Govor (Cocoon), Julianna Cuervo (DOCE),Kontal (Revolt recording/Soma), Sintek(Respekt),Luigi Madonna (Drumcode), Rapheal Dincsoy (Lehmann club),Henning Baer (Grounded Theory), M.I.D.I (Phobiq), Greg Gow(Transmat/KMS), Nidhal Tule (Drumcode), Dax J (Monom Black), Frank Maurel (Ovum) and Colin Dale to name just a few. 



1. The Bull

2. Tombola

DJ Bone “Tombola is the standout”

Laurent Garnier “very cool tracks”

Leftfield “Tombola is very nice”

Anthony Castaldo “The bull is nice”

Hiroaki Iizuka “Nice release!”

Young Male “Fun, bouncy Detriot vibes”

Julia Govor “I like them both!...great groove”

Carlo Lio “super dope”

Kontal “cool stuff.”

Sintek “The Bull is amazing!!”

Henning Baer “The Bull for me!”

Greg Gow “tonbola is pretty fuckin dope”

Nihad Tule “the bull is a cool”

Colin Dale “Solid EP with Tombola working best for me” 

Out now! B-Haus003

Release date - 13.06.2018

Blamhaus is back with a third excellent EP that continues his themes of driving beats and big bass with the dance floor firmly in its sights.

Blamhaus is based in South East London and his influences vary from afrobeat to

Depeche Mode whilst his production is routed in tougher house and techno. He has a particular love of bass and always puts it at the forefront of his cuts. Next to his releases for B-Haus he’s also hooked up with the likes of Stomp House and Manholding, and is an artist swiftly on the rise with a hard to ignore sound.

The high impact house track ‘Cauliflower Rice’ was crafted for the summer season.

Horn stabs punctuate the bass-heavy rhythm, thumping drums drive it forward and an acid tinged crescendo will have the crowd going wild.

Excellent old school techno effort ‘Monocular’ has slick 909 drum programming, a

gliding bassline and monophonic synths combining to create a simple but effective

dance floor smasher that does the simple things extremely well.

Last of all, ‘Scuttle’ starts off low and supple, its triplet rhythm scurrying along as it

slowly reveals its intentions. Dub influenced snares slip and slide above the ground

shaking bass as the drums lock you in and, as the thing builds, it warps itself into a

beautifully distorted cacophony that is designed for real club detonation.

Blamhaus’ aim is simple: he wants to make you dance and this quality, club-focused

EP is certain to achieve that.

Leftfield “madness..i like it.”

Alexi Delano “Nice one!”


DJ Steven “strong traxx.”

M.I.D.I. “like this old school style”

Raphael Dincsoy “nice one!”

Anthony Castaldo ”Monocular is great”

Carlo Lio “cool ep”

Greg Chin “big and bassy is right! "Scuttle" is wicked”

The Moody Boyz “nice techno vibes here feeling Scuttle the most”

Charlie T “cool”

Nice Radio “First track for me. Support !”

Lost In The Sound “solid ep”

Hey Musik “monocular is dope!” “So getting behind this, it's moody and so energetic too.”

Berlin Soul “usually hate cauliflower but this is tasty” 

Out Now! B-Haus002

Release date - 09.03.2018

Building on the momentum of the well-received first release, B-Haus is back with a
second sizzling EP from the label boss Blamhaus.
The opening track on the EP is a heavy slice of melodic techno. The fantastic
‘Fourpointfour' pairs a substantial bassline with glacial pads, all the while being
underpinned by skippy hi hats and a hefty 808.
The slick and compelling ‘Mind Cycles’ is high tempo funky techno with real bass
weight. Racing kicks and floating mids have tumbling bass below that sends your mind
into a spin.
Last of all, the atmospheric ’Dum Dum’ is deep, spacey techno with a liquid feel. Loose
but textured percussion, swirling pads, driving beats and a throbbing sub bass all have
a sci-fi feel and add up to a proper dance floor trip.


Dylan Hermelijn “Cool Detroit vibe”

Andres Gil “fine sounds”

Alexi Delano “Tunes, will play!”

Jamie Jones “sounds cool”

Leftfield “do like Fourpointfour…”

Carlo Lio “nice grooves”

Julia Govor “I like Mind Cycles a lot! great energy.”

Greg Chin “what happens when Detroit and Berlin date ;) it's a good

Raphael Dincsoy “nice release”

Chris Fortier “sounds cool”

Anthony Castaldo “Fourpointfour my fav”

Bodyscrub “nice release”


Sintek “Awesome synthy moves here!”

Brian Busto “Love all 3.”

Matias Zeque “i love dum dum..” 

Out Now! B-Haus001

B-Haus001 is the debut release from Blamhaus. Three track E.P is squarely focused on the dancefloor. It is bass heavy, melodic and dubby. House and techno are the starting points but influences from dub to acid house and uk bass are melded together to create a unique spin on contemporary club music.

3 track release containing:

‘Delusions of grandeur’- Acid tinged bass heavy house

‘Broad’- Happy-go-lucky dub techno

‘Go & get it’- Bass heavy techno with soul